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Admin Offers Student QA about PARCC Testing

By Rachel Grushan in Student News

Principal Don Stensrud and Assistant Principal Lynn Donnelly will be available for QA sessions with students concerning PARCC testing this week. They will be in the auditorium on Tuesday the 24th, at the beginning of 4th, 5th, and 6th periods and again on Thursday the 26th, at 10:45 which is the beginning of teacher collaboration time.

Parents received a QA session the week of parent teacher conferences about the new state-mandated tests, which are scheduled to take place the first week of March and be followed by another end of year test in April.

“They [parents] wanted to know the details much like [students] do,” said Donnelly.

However, individual student questions have yet to be addressed.

“A lot of students are still waiting until they have the facts, which is why I would like to do a QA sooner than later,” said Donnelly.

“I have a lot of questions,” said junior Teagan Signorelli. “Mainly, it’s unclear if when we finish testing we are going to have class or not have class.”

Sophomore Punya Ramesh said she wants to know “the consequences and benefits of taking the test or not taking it.”

Junior Anna Huebler wondered “if it will affect the funding for the school.”

“Why do we actually have to take it and miss instruction time? What is is worth?” asked sophomore Rianna Patel.

Students who want their questions answered or just want to know all the facts about PARCC testing are encouraged to attend one of the QA sessions.

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