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Album in Review: Muse’s The Second Law

By Maddie Stachniak in Arts & Culture

On October second, English alternative rock band Muse released their sixth studio album, The Second Law. The band is known for their use of varying musical genres in different songs, such as progressive rock, electronic, metal and even classical.

The singles Madness and Survival, which were released before the full album, have been fairly successful on iTunes charts. Survival was made the official song of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and Muse performed it at the closing ceremonies.

Some of the standouts of the album include Supremacy, Madness, Survival, Animals, Explorers and The Second Law: Isolated System. In truth, almost all of the songs on the album are strong.

The album is interesting to listen to as it has a varying mood. Supremacy is an intense song backed by a chorus of violins and drums that at times sounds like something out of a spy flick. The song is still quite good though.

There are several great slower tracks as well such as Explorers, which utilizes piano and softer vocals. The Second Law: Isolated System, the last song, uses electronic and progressive rock aspects, such as the voices of radio announcers in the background of the song. Parts of this track could even be likened to some of Pink Floyd’s more progressive songs.

Animals, upon closer inspection, is actually an intricate and well put together song. The bassline is complicated and creates an interesting vibe for the track. The song is also interspersed with short guitar riffs which adds even more variance. The guitar solos are also quite good. Lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy does a great job in the album. His vocals can be both soft and sad for some songs yet also passionate or angry for others. Drummer Dominic Howard is also impressive, especially in some of the more fast-paced songs. And of course, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme does fantastically as well.

Overall, The Second Law is one of those albums that is comprised of strong songs that obviously have had serious effort and skill put into their creation. The Second Law gets 4.5/5 stars.

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