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Art Club Completes New Murals, Looks to Future

By Eamonn Morris in Student News

When one walks through Fairview High school’s 600 hall- home to Social Studies, History, and Foreign Language classes- one can’t help but feel that it has a lot more character than other parts of the building. There are a few reasons for this; the wider hallways, the tiled central meeting area, the new wing with its large west-facing windows. But probably the biggest reason for the 600 hall’s liveliness are the extensive murals that have been painted over a large portion of the walls there. There are murals for almost every occupied continent- an Asian mural was in progress through the last couple of years, and a South American mural has stood in the hall for at least three- but a new one was just completed there, tucked into the small hallway that leads to the high stairway down to the Science hallway. It’s a mural of Europe, and it was completed last year as a project for Fairview’s Art Club. Fairview’s Art Club has, in fact, been responsible for all the murals in the 600 hall, as well as many others throughout the building, and they are planning on completing more in the near future. “We were just given the go-ahead to paint a mural in the Art Hallway,” says senior Anna Smith, this year’s Art Club president. “We’re considering our different options for that pretty seriously.”

Smith and the Art Club also worked with Fairview’s National Honor Society over the summer to paint a work in the business hallway. A far cry from the collage-like continental murals in the 600 hall, the business hall painting was completed by literally picking up paint on a brush and throwing it, at random, at the wall. “We thought it would be a fun way to collaborate, and would also be a cool summer activity,” says Smith. The painting turned out as a lively, Pollock-esque wall-to-wall creation, its swirling patterns and bright colors making it jump out at the viewer. And since the paint was thrown rather than brushed, it globbed up in interesting patterns, making the texture pop out as well.

Besides having recently completed projects, Art Club is also planning for the future. “We’re thinking about different media right now, like recycled art. Just doing murals all the time starts to get old,” says Smith. “We’re starting to talk about what people are interested in, and we’ll go out and do that. We’ll also try to enter competitions.” Mara Radis, a language arts teacher and longstanding presence at Fairview, remembers well an instance of Art Club’s commitment to moving forward: “A few years ago I saw Elizabeth Meyer, one of the former presidents of the club who was graduating, showing two underclassmen around and teaching them the tricks of the trade and showing them how to carry on after she left. It really shows the dedication that these students have. They’re passionate and intensely committed.” But for all of Art Club’s commitment to the future, its past will live on as well. On the European mural, Julius Caesar, dark and in profile, watches over the continent he helped to build; in the same way, Meyer, Smith, and all the other members of Art Club’s  contributions to Fairview will withstand the tests of time.

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