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Asking to Homecoming

By Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh in Opinion & Politics


A typical Homecoming poster

Signs, flowers, spotlights, nothing is too extravagant if she says yes. Homecoming is where guys and girls can meet and enjoy themselves in a much more casual setting than that during school. Students go in groups with their friends or with a special someone, but there’s a lot that goes into that. From making the perfect plan, buying the rose, and finding the time, but sometimes simply just asking the person is the best way.

“Any way is special, even just simply asking,” said Bridget Kraus, sophomore. “People who do it in a big way is sometimes too much to ask such a simple question.”

Just asking them and not going through the whole charade might be the best way to go, but it really depends on the person. What really matters is that both people are having fun.

"You don't need a date or roll up in a limo, just have fun and be sober," said Matt Mowen, counselor.

If you can find what works for you, and let's you and the other person have fun, go for it. It doesn't have to be a big extravagant event, or it could be, it really depends on what you want and what the other person wants.

"See what the person you're asking is interested in," said Sam Schrag, senior, "and construct a meaningful idea."

Whether it's just flowers or a mariachi band, asking another to homecoming can be fun and nerve racking. The most important part is that you enjoy your Homecoming however you choose to spend it, so from all of us at the Royal Banner to you, have a happy Homecoming Fairview!

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