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Avengers: Infinity War - Should the Series really be continued?

By Ian Vasquez and Kindra Roden in Arts & Culture - featured


On April 27, Marvel fans were more than enthusiastic about the release of the new Avengers movie, “Infinity War.” Despite the hype leading to it and its clever way of connecting all of the superheros’ former movies, it was not as good as many expected it to be.


With the opening of the new movie, many expected a final epic showdown in which the heroes win and the galaxy is saved. However, as those in the movie industry have a fondness for sequels, “Infinity War” didn't exactly end on the best note. But looking at where it was left off, should there really be a part two? Two staff reporters debate!

*Spoiler Alert*



But why? Everyone already knows the outcome. Thanos will be defeated, the heroes will come back and all of the people will be returned to the galaxy. We don’t need a sequel to know that.


But knowing and believing are two different things. And yeah, we probably know what will happen but we don’t know everything. How does Captain Marvel fit in? How will Tony and Nebula get back? Will the people who died BEFORE the major deaths come back? And it's still enjoyable even if you know what will happen, why else would we rewatch and reread?


Captain Marvel has her own movie, regardless of the sequel. So do Spiderman, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. And let’s be honest, even if they aren’t predicted to come back they all have so much plot armor that it’s basically guarantee they’ll be back.


But, Captain Marvel’s movie supposedly will be more of a background that takes place in the 1990’s. Also, we don’t know if Gamora will be back for  “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3”. And I want to know how they come back, not if they do. If I only cared about the characters coming back I would go read fanfiction.


I think that all of the heroes returning from such a catastrophic event is ridiculous. Thanos is undefeatable(or should be, but hey PLOT ARMOR)and can control space, time, soul, mind, reality and power. In any situation that was not a superhero movie full of cliches and predictable outcomes, the heroes would not be able to reverse this, at least not entirely. Not to mention that Thanos can travel anywhere in an instant, through time, and through any type of reality he likes(as he can now even bend that to his will). Half of the heroes are already dead--what are the rest realistically supposed to do against that?


...oh wait. I forgot. It’s Marvel. The absolute best place for BS endings that heroes shouldn’t be able to come back from.

The whole thing though is that they are heroes, and heroes come back because the world needs them. And yes that is cliche and unrealistic, but sometimes that’s what you need. A king of a secret country running around in a kinetic energy absorption suit that looks like a cat and he gets super-strength when eats a magical fruit is TOTALLY realistic. It doesn't matter. Sometimes people just need a hero, or just need to be reminded that good can win, even if it isn't realistic. Good beats bad and the hero gets a happily ever after, it’s not realistic but...sometimes reality sucks. So if we need to be reminded that it exists, so be it.


...That what exists, exactly? The battle for good and evil? We are reminded of that every day, although it is shown in more shades of gray than black and white. Everyone has people they consider to be “evil” fighting against people they consider “good”. Whether it’s from something like North Korea and the USA on the brink of nuclear war threats or just some fight you had with a kid you dislike, there is still that balance. Marvel exaggerates it, sure, as all superhero things do. The fact is that good DOESN’T always win, and that’s fine. Where Infinity War left us was a clear example of a villain at peace because he defeated the “good guys”. It logically makes more sense to end it there, and stop grasping at a single little prophecy within 14 billion. On that note, when Dr. Strange said there was only one way that the heroes could win against Thanos, that doesn’t mean it will happen in one choice. No, the characters after his death have to be the ones to make the right choices that lead them up to the end in which they defeat Thanos. There is logically no way that Dr. Strange could be certain that the heroes after him would go the right way to get the desired ending.


(NOTE: We can’t agree at this moment about it being 14 million or 14 billion)


Yeah but that one chance that he saw, that one in over 14 million, was a chance. Yes he was grasping at straws but that one single straw had a better chance of working and saving  not only his worst, but the galaxy, it had a better chance the other fourteen million. Also, even though some of the hero’s have more movies coming - i.e. Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy- just jumping right in WITHOUT the second part of Infinity War would make no sense. Last we know Peter Parker has dissolved away on Titan, so (inferring on my part) how did he come back? If we just have his next movie it wouldn’t make sense, unless it was before Spider-man: Homecoming and ore of like his origin, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense, if he was back on Earth how did he get there? He “died” on Titan, so how is he back? Did Aunt May notice he was gone? What happened in the aftermath of everyone being back? We need the second part for it the other movies to make sense.


If you have ever read or heard the plot details of the Marvel comics, it isn’t uncommon for there to be several different timelines written. This way of writing several different outcomes with the same characters is more of a storyboard idea, yet it is used in some stories nonetheless. As you read these comics you see the moment in which the heroes both lose and win. If the producers had not created a part two for Infinity War, it would make sense if the movie was a sort of “alternate route” in which Thanos wins and takes over the world. With that being said, yes, the previous movies do bleed into this one and many of the deaths would be conflicting going into the next films to be released. However, you could act as if this movie was simply an alternative route to the story. Time skip over the events in it and you could restore the stories back to what they were before it’s release.


But, regardless of what anyone has to say, Avenger: Infinity War Part 2 is scheduled to come out in early May of 2019. The story will continue and we will finally see the Avengers triumph over Thanos(because the heroes are always victorious).


HA!!!!!!!! I win


Here are a list of movies that Marvel will be releasing and that we may have mentioned:   


  • Deadpool 2

  • Ant Man and The Wasp

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

  • Captain Marvel

  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix

  • Venom

  • Gambit

  • And a long list of others whose names have not been released(and many of which are speculations such as Doctor Strange 2 and Black Panther 2).

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