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Bachelor Ben travels across America to find love

By Piper Salvator and Paige Lindgren in Arts & Culture

With the final four this week, Ben travels to each girl’s hometown to meet their families and hopefully gain approval from these family members. Ben visited Lindzi first in Ocala, Florida where they participated in a horse race against Lindzi’s parents and a bonfire as well as dinner with Lindzi’s parents. Ben said he could definitely see Lindzi fitting right into his lifestyle. While Lindzi’s parents were worried about her getting hurt again, they still gave Ben and Lindzi their blessings. Ben visited Kacie second in Clarksville, Tennessee where Kacie showed off her baton twirling skills at a football field named after her Grandpa. Dinner was next, and Ben was introduced to her family. This did not go so well as Kacie’s dad was not positive about their relationship and proved to be a very protective father. Kacie’s mom was no help either as she questioned the whole process of this tv show. Ben left feeling like there was no way he could propose to Kacie after meeting her parents. Ben visited Nicki third in Hurst, Texas. They shopped for cowboy hats and dressed up in proper western clothes to fit the hats. They then visited bar and relaxed with some good beer. Finally, Ben met Nicki’s family. Because Nicki has been through a divorce, her parents were very cautious. By the end of the night, however, Ben won them over and they supported Nicki and Ben’s relationship. Last but most certainly not least, Ben visited Courtney in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. They ate with her family first and her family was very open and friendly to Ben. It was clear they liked him and they were very supportive in Courtney and Ben’s relationship. After their meal, Courtney decided they should visit the place in which she has always dreamed of getting married and practice exchanging wedding vows. After visiting all four girls, the girls and Ben met again in California for the rose ceremony. Former frontrunner and fan favorite, Kacie, was eliminated. Stay tuned as the final three will travel to Switzerland with Ben for the overnight dates next week and more drama is sure to come.

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