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Bad Week For Bad-for-You Foods

By Eliana Goldstein in Student News

It's a bad day for junk food. The 5 Hour Energy shots of "that three o'clock feeling" fame are being fingered in up to thirteen deaths over the past four years, and Twinkie makers Hostess are filing for liquidation after strikes shut down their production lines.

5 Hour Energy is a familiar sight among caffeine junkies and grocery store frequenters. The name is self explanatory, the two ounce bottles are intended to provide a powerful dose of energy equivalent to two cups of coffee. However, over-caffeination is a dangerous game. Caffeine overdoses, according to the National Institute of Health, may cause symptoms including but not limited to dizziness, vomiting, and hallucinations. Apparently, in high enough concentrations, the caffeine in energy drinks may even be fatal.

Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy this January, and after they failed to maintain worker cooperation and high production rates, have opted to liquidate their assets and close their doors. The infamously immortal Twinkie will be going out of production. First sign of the oncoming apocalypse? Could be.

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