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Bathrooms not for changing

By Ella Jenak in Opinion & Politics

The ringing of the bell signals the end of another day of school and girls flock to the bathrooms to... change clothes?!?! Girls with exploding bags of athletic wear on either arm squeeze into Fairview’s tiny bathroom stalls to change clothes for their after school sports. Why they prefer to change in puny stalls instead of in the clean, spacious P.E. locker room is a mystery to many a girl who has waited in the bathrooms’ extensive lines. One day, in a naive attempt to avoid the overcrowded bathroom on the bricks, I went to the bathroom at the bottom of the school, only to find it was just as crowded as the school’s other bathrooms. To my dismay, while I was patiently waiting in line, I witnessed a girl lugging a backpack full of clothes into one of the restroom’s two stalls. It was at that point that I decided to simply abandon the line and go home.

The only explanation I can think of for why a girl would want to change clothes in close proximity to a toilet is that she simply isn’t aware of the locker room’s existence and the fact that it’s open to the public. This means that any girl of any age who plays on any sports team is welcome to use the locker room every day after school. I can guarantee that it’s more spacious than the bathroom stalls and it’s even equipped with handy benches that you can sit on while you tie your shoes (no more crouching on the wet bathroom floor, yuck!).

So girls, I beg you to use the P.E. locker room to change clothes so that using the bathroom after school is no longer a 10 minute commitment for the rest of us!

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