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BCS National Championship Review

By Ethan Kennedy in Sports

This Monday, quarterback Jameis Winston and the undefeated Florida State Seminoles battled Gus Malzahn and the exceptional Auburn Tigers in the final Bowl Championship Series National Championship. Truly a matchup for the ages, not only because it was the final BCS game in history but also because it was a very eventful game. In the end, the final Coaches’ trophy was awarded to Florida State after a 1:19 drive to cap it off with a two-yard touchdown pass to WR Kelvin Benjamin. With three seconds left Auburn tried for one last play but were ultimately defeated by the Florida State defense. The game ended 34-31 in Florida States favor. However the best part of this historic game came from Florida State player Winston. Winston went 20 for 35 with 237 passing yards and two touchdowns. While his stats weren’t his best, he was sacked 4 times, the FSU defense was able to give him the chance to win the game. Next year, College Football will transition to a four-team playoff and out of the BCS.

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