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Best Movies for Halloween

By Mike Sparkman in Arts & Culture

Royal Banner’s List

  1. "It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
  2.  “Insidious”
  3.  “Scary Movie”
  4. Whatever is on ABC Family

  5. “Halloween” (1978)

  6. "Children of the Corn"

  7. "Friday the 13th"

  8. "Casper"

  9. "Night of the Living Dead"

  10. "Sleepy Hallow" Halloween is here, and the typical stream of frightening films will be shown on major television channels for several hours in the evening. If you happen to find yourself watching TV, unable to choose between all of these great movies, or perhaps stunned at how uninterested in any of these movies you are, then have a look at some of the Fairview community’s favorite scary films, and most frightening cinematic ventures. Fairview’s varying tastes in movies is evident upon viewing the various opinions of your everyday students. One unconventional pick was the famed story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which freshman Emerson Karsh said was the scariest movie she had seen. A more mainstream choice was the blockbuster thriller The Sixth Sense, freshman Anurag Golla’s most fearful experience in his movie viewing experience. Other students were more thoroughly scared by films at least intended to be funny. Freshman Grace Gann’s scariest movie pick was the horror parody comedy Scary Movie 4. She did not enjoy the movie, but perhaps you will enjoy a more riveting laugh. Some people still are anticipating their Halloween movie viewing more than they are their previous experiences. Freshman Justin Pappas, while having not seen it, named The Nightmare Before Christmas the scariest movie in his arsenal, knowing that he would be viewing it on Halloween. He also mentioned that he “probably” will enjoy it. If these choices are any indication, cable stations would be wise to maintain a large variety of movies available, because it appears fear knows no bounds.

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