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Blood Drive Preview

By Leo Leong in Student News

According to Bonfils Blood Center, every two seconds someone in the US requires a transfusion of donated blood. Fairview strives to help by hosting a blood drive.

The second annual blood drive will take place on October 11th, from 10 am to 3:30 pm at Fairview.

“The purpose of the Blood Drive is to provide students with an opportunity to give something really important to the community, without having to go out of their way,” said Caterina Zagona-Prizio, "I really wanted to get high school students involved in donating blood, because it is so necessary to the medical world.”

Over sixty students participated in the Blood Drive last year with the junior class donating the most. Caterina said the drive is a competition between classes, but the minimum age is sixteen to donate, making most sophomores not eligible for participation. “There is going to be a prize for the winning class this year, as long as over sixty students donate,” said Caterina.

To donate blood, Fairview students need to complete the minor consent form if they are under eighteen, and review all the pre-screening questions and medical guidelines. Zagona-Prizio added “ [it] will ask you questions regarding health, travels, weight, and other mitigating factors.”

Visit the Fairview website for important forms and more information about the Blood Drive.

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