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Bomb Threat Scares The Masses

By Carter Hanson and Sara McCrea in Student News

On Thursday January 12th, Boulder Police conducted searches at FHS after the discovery of a bomb threat in the bathrooms located in the 600 hall on January 4th. The message written on the wall warned that “This Friday Jan 13th there will be a BOMB.” Since the message was found, police took extensive measures to ensure the security of the school.

Police cleared the school on Thursday night and bomb dogs searched the building. Boulder Valley Schools PD and Boulder PD secured the building on Friday morning. Security was increased dramatically when 10 police officers were stationed at all of the entrances to the school.

“This is the first time I’ve worked an active bomb threat. I can’t even think of any since I’ve been with the PD for the last 20 years that we’ve had a bomb threat we’ve had to address inside the city of Boulder,” said Boulder PD officer and School Resource Officer Cory Nicholas.

Following the initial investigation during the week after January 4th, Principal Stensrud sent an email to parents on Thursday, January 12th, alerting them of the possible security concerns.

“I never saw the email but yesterday during eighth period Mrs. Anderson, the orchestra teacher, read the email aloud to the whole class,” said Sophomore Sabrina Losinski.

The threat caused a large amount of students to stay home Friday, preferring to not risk it. It is hard to say how many of these people are actually afraid as opposed to taking the chance to have a four day weekend.

“This was obviously an attempt to get the day off of school,” said math teacher Ron Propri.


“Every day should be like this,” said security guard Jeff Jones. “Everyone needs to have the mindfulness for safety and security.”

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