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Books to Movies

By Sage Rose in Arts & Culture

From “The Hundred-Foot Journey” to “A Most Wanted Man”, the summer of 2014 housed an extensive number of book-to-movie adaptations. “The Fault in Our Stars” and “The Giver” proved the most anticipated novels in film form but the question is, did these movies live up to their highly renowned novels?

The novel “The Fault in Our Stars” won over the hearts of thousands of teenage girls all over the country since John Green authored it in 2012. Similarly, “The Giver” caught people’s attention with its fascinating story containing a dystopian setting and meaningful truths.

The complex and heartbreaking relationship of Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters, illustrated in John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” is both painful and profound in the way the young couple strives for a normal, healthy life in the face of overwhelming uncertainty paired with almost certain death.

“I thought “The Fault in Our Stars” was a very good read because it tears up readers’ heartstrings into smithereens,” said Sophomore Caelyn Kinderman. “Also because it was very intellectual and beautiful.”

The acting and overflow of romance did not appeal to others.

Sophomore Audrey Cheng thought differently than most about the novel and the movie, “Honestly, it was gross and cheesy,” said Cheng.

Of course many readers loved both the story and the movie no matter their age. Junior Lauren Adler said, “The Fault in Our Stars’ [film adaptation] was very deep and it matched the book very well.”

Another summer box office hit, “The Giver”, began as a novel which captivated readers with its deep meaning and mind-blowing text, although people were disappointed with the evident discrepancies in the film version.

“The book was good, but the movie was a completely different story,” said sophomore Sam Grad, “They made the movie to attract viewers rather than follow the best and real part of the story.”

The truth is that it is hard for a movie to outlive the greatness and beauty that comes out of a beloved novel.

Sophomore Ben Nielsen said, “I really liked the novel “The Giver” because it made you take a second and think about what you were reading.”

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