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Boys Basketball Mid-Season Update

By Sage Rose in Sports


Photo by James Simonson

The boys basketball team has had a season of ups and downs with a 5-7 record. Even though they have had a rough couple of games they are 2-0 in their league and still have a lot of confidence.

Over winter break the team traveled to Orlando for the Holiday Tournament and got a chance to strengthen their team dynamic. “The best part of the season so far was going to Orlando and getting to know the team,” said Senior Jake Pykkonen. “We really bonded in the couple days we were there and it feels like a tighter group than any other team I’ve been on.”

The team has a lot of big games coming up against Monarch at home and against Boulder at the Coors Event Center. “I’m definitely looking forward to the Boulder game,” said Pykkonen. “It’s always so much fun to have so much support, and I hope we can get more people to come out to other games also.”

The Knights came out with a close two point victory against Mountain Range on Monday, with the leadership of captain Sam Grad. “Sam has really been amazing, and I think a standout game is our win over Mountain Range when he hit a huge shot late to retake the lead and put us in a really good position to win,” said Pykkonen.

With a team roster consisting of mostly Seniors the Knights are looking forward to pushing towards the playoffs. Their next game is tonight against Horizon at 6:30.

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