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Breakout Queens: why summer 2014 was the debut of the indie female artist

By Lucia Rose in Arts & Culture

Possibly the most undervalued secret of the music industry is the sultry female indie artist. She is known to share her talent with the unexpecting world through acoustic covers of “top 100” tracks, or with her own genius creations. Regardless the origin of the work, these three amazing ladies seriously got to work these last months and released a tremendous selection of breathtaking tracks.



“So I got edges that scratch,

And sometimes I don’t got a filter,

But I’m so tired of eating

All of my misspoken words.”


While Banks’ full album “Goddess” wasn’t released until September 5th, a prominent track, “Beggin for Thread,” hit the iTunes store on July 22 as the fourth single of the album. First and foremost, the sound of this track is mind-blowing, as it layers beat upon beat with a faint piano weaving throughout the piece. On top of the capturing sound, the lyrics are not only poetic and creative but also ring true.

Jessie Ware


“Cause I don’t wanna fall in love

If you don’t wanna try

But all I’ve been thinking of

Is maybe that you might

Baby is looks as though we’re running out words to say

And love’s floating away”  


I first heard Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me” on SoundCloud, and even though I was aimlessly browsing music, this song immediately caught both my attention and my heart. The song begins with a stripped-down guitar and the single beat of a drum as Ware’s smoky voice floats across the notes seamlessly. By beginning the track with such a stripped-down and pure sound, the listener automatically connects to the song. On top of the incredible sound, Ware’s lyrics accentuate the worry and infatuation one feels at the beginning of any love.


Ware’s new album releases on October 13th.

Ryn Weaver


“Lost in the cracks of the landslide

You saw me slipping on my blind side

I’m feeling lost, feeling tongue-tied

And now I’m frozen in your headlights.”


Another SoundCloud find, Ryn Weaver’s “OctaHate” may be different that anything I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Beginning with a repetitive sharp percussion with a mesmerizing melody, the track automatically pulls you in. When Weaver begins to sing and this amazing assortment of percussion begins, there is no question that the song has captured you in its web. Weaver’s voice overwhelms me throughout the piece as she ranges from low to high to something almost like a shriek. This song will blow your mind, guaranteed.


Check out these songs and more from these artists on the Royal Banner’s Spotify: Breakout Queens

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