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Bringing in the Dough

By Anya Aidun, Kate Martin and Carter Hanson in Opinion & Politics


A Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie That Will be Consumed in One Giant Bite!

This past September, the cookie type in the IB Store was changed from chocolate chip to sugar for a short time. Chocolate chip cookies have been in the IB Store for a while now and have gained a lot of recognition, not only from the students, but also from the staff.

However, the chocolate chip cookies are back as of mid-September, with the change only lasting a couple weeks. We decided to try chocolate chip and sugar for ourselves and run a cookie tasting experiment. Students and staff seem to care deeply about this issue, and some teachers like the break the decision down into the basic ingredients of the cookies.  

“Sugar cookies; sugar, butter. Chocolate chip cookies; sugar, butter, chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies greater than sugar cookies,” said math teacher Ron Propri.

Although the sugar cookies are a staple of the cookie history, the famous chocolate chip will resignate in our hearts forever with relation to the IB Store. When the chocolate chip cookies disappeared from the store, even for just a week, there was an obvious disappointment in peoples' faces when they were told that the chocolate chip cookies were gone. We also felt a pang of pain.

The students and the staff alike were not pleased with this change in cookie.

“Yeah, chocolate chip is better,” said sophomore Nate Hambacher.

“Chocolate chip for sure,” said sophomore Ben Daecher.

“I like chocolate chip,” said security guard Jeff Jones.

Even the freshman who haven't been here all that long knew the answer right away.

“Chocolate chip hands down,” said freshman Joli Beard.

Even though this change was not long lasting, it was mostly unwelcome in the routine. Last year, there was also a small change in cookie flavor when they changed the cookie flavor to M&M cookies.  But it was not long lasting, just as this one was. In the end the people have spoken and the IB Store should really just stick with chocolate chip.

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