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Cage Match: Books vs. Movies

By Owyn Cooper in Opinion & Politics

If you’ve been paying attention to advertisements on TV or before the movies themselves, then you may have noticed a trend: books are being adapted into movies. Some upcoming examples are The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Great Gatsby.

Now why is this phenomena happening? Is Hollywood running out of ideas? Are the authors just looking for more money by expanding their fanbase? Are producers looking for more money by taking plotlines from already successful stories? Honestly, it can be any and most reasons.

Because of this, people sometimes don’t read the books and decide to just see it in theaters. Or maybe they say they’ll read it after they see it and never get around to it. Or instead of actually reading the book assigned for school, they get the movie version from Netflix. The best part about reading a book is the imagination. How do you imagine this character speaks? What color is their hair, even if it’s not exactly how the author describes it? When you go see a movie based off a book, that magic is gone.

If you ever go back to read the book after seeing the movie, you just see and hear things how the movie wants you to see and hear it. You no longer have the visual freedom you once had before. That’s the key to reading any good book: the imagination you take from it. The books have to be better, because when you read it, it’s yours to interpret. Not to be interpreted to you. That’s a studio executive’s idea projected onto you. And it’s one of those things you can’t unsee and the magic is ruined.

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