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Carlo Kemp Ready to Take On College Football at Michigan

By Harrison Young in Sports


Kemp, #5, in the Boulder v. Fairview game last September.

A four star nationwide recruit and number one recruit out of Colorado, Carlo Kemp has made his decision, and the decision is the University of Michigan.

Kemp, who had many offers from other big name schools nationwide, made his decision to attend Michigan following the Knights playoff loss to Chaparral.

“It was one of the greatest moments,” said Kemp. “When I finally did it, I just felt pure joy.”

Michigan offered just about everything Kemp was looking for. There wasn’t “one big thing” that helped him choose Michigan over other schools; there were just many amazing things, one of those reasons being head coach John Harbaugh.

“Jim Harbaugh. There’s not a better coach I’d rather play for than him,” said Kemp. “He’s the man.”

Harbaugh, who did an amazing job turning around Michigan's program following a streak of “let down” seasons according to Michigan's standards, has Kemp extremely excited to get going. So excited, in fact, that Kemp graduated from Fairview early and enrolled at Michigan for spring ball, officially arriving at the program on January 4th.

“I just can't wait to play with guys who are into football as much as me and passionate like me, and most of all better than me,” said Kemp. “We’ll see when I get out there, if I’m crying to my mom everyday to come back home.”

However, the football program is not the only reason Kemp chose Michigan.

“Having great academics along with great football was huge,” said Kemp. “I want to make sure that I go four years at Michigan, but I get the 40 years after that to take care of me.”

Since committing, Kemps’ phone has been silent, and he couldn’t be more happy about the decision.

“You’re only going to get this moment once in your life, so enjoy it.”

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