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Change Issue Spot the Difference Answers

By Noah Finer in Multimedia


Spot the Difference from the Change Issue of the Robotics Competition

Noah apologizes for this spot the difference ahead of time.


1) A student in the middle is missing a watch

2) "Team 2036 won't make it to nationals" has been changed to "Team 2036 will make it to nationals"

3) A TT in the left side of the background has been changed to TH

4) The leftmost light on the top of has been slightly moved

5) The leftmost banner on the very top of the image has been removed.

6) 2036 on the banners of the robot in the center bottom poster has been changed to 2018.

7) The pin on the middle student's shirt is removed

8) A red brick on the bottom right side of the change my mind poster has been changed to a bluer color.

9) A spectator located on the left side of the image, roughly below the 0 poster, has been removed.

10) A railing in the back right has been removed.

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