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Choir Performs at the Buell Concert Hall

By Patrick Stachniak in Arts & Culture


Men's Choir performs in the student center

Saturday, October 15th, the choir performed at a concert at Denver center for Performing Arts, in the Buell Hall, with the Annie Moses band.

The Annie Moses band was founded with the mission to “empower a new generation of young artists with the excellence and spiritual integrity to transform our world for Christ.”

The band is comprised of a large group of siblings out of Nashville, each playing 1-3 different instruments.

Early in April, one of Fairview's choir teachers, Janice Vlachos, was contacted by the Annie Moses band. They messaged her, asking if the Fairview choir and orchestra would perform a concert with them.

A Fairview alumnus had begun attending a summer music institute that the Annie Moses band was associated with. Impressed by her talent, the band asked where she had acquired her training, which lead them to Fairview.

Every choir was invited to perform, including: Festival choir, Enchantment choir, Troubadours, and Voices of the Knight.

Vlachos accepted.

“This was a one time shot. It was a nice opportunity to get to sing with a bunch of professionals and to perform at the Buell,” said Vlachos.

The concert was a part of the Annie Moses band’s  “Art of the Love Song,” in which love songs were exclusively performed.

Preparing for the concert took a lot of practice.

“We started getting music all the way back in August so that we could start prepping the students,” said Vlachos.

She continued with how this experience was different.

Kirby said,  “We normally do extravaganza, which this replaced. But it gave the choir a chance to learn what it is like to learn background parts without the actual music being there.”

The choir learned all of their parts in advance, and had to put each part together with the band in one rehearsal night.

“For a lot of songs, it was just a one time run through. Then we had to perform it in front of 900 people.” Vlachos said.

Even though they only had one rehearsal to practice and piece everything together, the show still turned out great. “It was really good,” said junior Lauren Chase. “The band’s performance was great and the choir’s backup was excellent.”

Senior orchestra and choir member, Sara Kirby, had a unique experience, in that she had to perform in both the orchestra and the choir. “I was running around stage a lot,” said Kirby.

Kirby said, “We really didn’t know the order until a couple days before the concert, so I wasn’t sure how I was gonna get from the stands where we were singing to the orchestra.”

For the finale, the orchestra joined in with the choir. “I had to pick, do I wanna sing or do I wanna play, but since the orchestra only had 30 students, I went to play with them.”

Even though she thought singing backup wouldn’t be that interesting, Kirby still enjoyed the performance.

“I thought it was a great experience, even though  at first I wasn’t so pumped about it,” said Kirby “At the same time, I thought playing at the Buelle was gonna be super awesome.”

“When we actually got there and we saw the band perform for the first half, they were super nice and their energy on stage was amazing,” Kirby said. “They had this way of making the audience really hyped.”

Overall, the Buell Hall concert was a great experience for those in choir and in the audience. And despite the big venue and the big crowd, Kirby and the choir still managed to have fun.


“I wasn’t nervous at all,” said Kirby “It was just really exciting to play with these amazing musicians.”

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