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Club Spotlight: Rock Climbing Club

By Grace Hedlund in Sports


Climber: Natalia Gosnell

The Rock Climbing Club is exactly what it sounds like, a whole lot of climbing.


They climb twice a week and have a one meeting per week. The club has been around for almost five years but has been much more active these past three years.


“I joined it when I was a freshman and it’s grown in popularity over the years,” junior, Natalia Gosnell said.


Gosnell is one of three girls in the club. The female numbers are low partly because last year, many of them graduated, included the two female founders of the club.


The club also lost some of their best competitors last year, which might affect how they perform in competitions. There are five competitions and one state championship that are based on individual performance, rather than by teams.


“Last year we had two sponsored climbers, so we got first every time, but our first competition is this Saturday, so we don’t know how we will do this year,” Co-Captain, sophomore Logan Melton said.


However, Natalia Gosnell isn’t worried.


“Fairview usually does pretty well,” Gosnell said. “Normally Fairview takes pretty good top spots.”


To get ready for competitions, the club climbs at the Boulder Rock Club on Sundays and at the Spot on Fridays after school.


“We don’t have set practice days for rock climbing outside, but we rock climb outside occasionally just if someone is going on the weekend,” Gosnell said.


They meet on Wednesdays during block lunch in room 844 and do things to prepare other than climbing.


“We don’t rock climb during the meetings obviously because we are at school. Usually what we do is we talk about upcoming climbs and competitions as well as watching climbing movies and videos,” Gosnell said. “It’s pretty fun.”


Melton mentioned his excitement about getting Lynn Hill, a famous female rock climber, to speak. She is most famous for doing the first free ascent of The Nose in Yosemite Valley and retired from competing in 1992. She climbed with the club during one of their practices and taught them some strategies.


“I really like to rock climb and I’ve never actually done it competitively before I joined this club, but I always just thought it was fun so the club was a way to do more,” said Gosnell. “You should all join it!”

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