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Club Spotlight: Students Against Human Trafficking

By Chloe Cope in Student News


"Trafficking sucks for cars, but it sucks even more for humans."

The Students Against Human Trafficking club, founded this semester by sophomore Courtney Cioth, works to get Fairview students involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Cioth said that issue of human trafficking first caught her attention after listening to a speech by Michelle Bishop at her youth group’s retreat. Bishop is the program coordinator of Truckers Against Trafficking, and inspired Cioth to get herself and other students involved to make a change.

“[Bishop] just talked about this issue, and it kind of just hit my heart hard,” said Cioth. “I just wanted to do something about it.”

With the guidance of Bishop and club sponsor Thomas Oviatt, Cioth created the Students Against Human Trafficking Club, or SAHT.

“The purpose of our club is to spread awareness about human trafficking and fundraise for nonprofits who help people [who are victims of trafficking],” Cioth said.

Though the club just started this semester, it has already taken action to spread awareness among the staff and students at Fairview. 209 people participated in the Red X Movement on February 25th, drawing a red “x” on their hands to raise awareness for human trafficking and modern day slavery.

“It was kind of last minute, but it was really good for the first year, and maybe next year we can get more people to [participate],” said Cioth.

Additionally, the SAHT has been working with an organization called The Red Thread Movement.

“Basically, girls in safe houses who are saved from human trafficking make bracelets,” said Cioth. The girls sell these bracelets to provide an income and help these women start a new life.

These bracelets were sold last week by the SAHT for $3 a piece at the top of the school outside of the main office. They were a simple way to raise awareness and funds for the organization, and it was easy for other students help.

SAHT has been a beneficial addition to Fairview’s numerous selection of clubs and activities. Their work has already made a difference by spreading awareness about the issue of human trafficking and encouraging students to get involved with helping victims. In the future, they plan to do much more.

“We’re hoping to, in the future, have a social justice fair at Fairview and maybe get some of the other clubs to put up booths and raise awareness for causes like ours,” said Cioth. “I’ve been in contact with Michelle Bishop, and she’s been helpful with giving me ideas of things that high schoolers can do.”

With the help of Bishop and her ideas for engaging other students in the cause, the club hopes that it will continue to make a difference, not only by spreading awareness about human trafficking among Fairview students, but providing them with opportunities to take action against the injustice.

The SAHT meets in room 634 during Thursday’s block lunch.

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