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Clubs Struggle Under Bake Sale Ban

By David Sachs in Student News

BOULDER- School clubs have been struggling financially under a new health policy banning bake sales. In the past, clubs and organizations have relied predominantly on bake sales to generate income. Now they are forced to find alternatives. According to principal Don Stensrud, the ban is in place for two reasons. “During lunch time, everywhere [in the school], is a no compete zone, and no one apart from BVSD may sell food in the school,”said Stensrud. According to Stensrud, this reflects a recent state law that attempts to generate more money in the school lunch program. “We sell about 145 school lunches a day in a school of 2000,” said Stensrud. That is about 7% of the schools population. One reason for this may be the general environment of the cafeteria. “The cafeteria is not a suitable environment for eating,” said 10th grader Malory Wolff, “It just makes me feel sick.” In addition to this, Ann Cooper, head of lunch programs for BVSD has introduced new policies banning the sale of “unhealthy” food and drinks. The policy reasons that it will decrease obesity in Boulder Valley, and improve health. However, this has caused a lot of push back from student groups. Last year, multiple clubs attempted to bypass the rule by selling napkins that happened to have baked goods on them. This effort was soon shut down by lunch officials. With no easy way to raise money, clubs have had to cut back on what they can do to fundraise. 12th grader and Anime club president Conor Futro says that the lack of funding is having a growing effect on the club. “In the past, we have raised money from the bake sales so that we can go to an Anime convention in Denver,” said Futro. “But now with the new ban on bake sales, we will not be able to go this year.” School clubs are not the only ones affected. Students and teachers alike used to enjoy the treat of a baked good during the day. “Every 3rd period, I would go up to the top of the school where the bake sales were,” said  Sophomore Mari Jewell. “I would by a cookie for a great cause and my hunger would be satisfied while the sugar in my bloodstream would help me focus.” Boulder Valley School District has not yet released any numbers yet that illustrate the positive effects of the bake sale ban, but clubs and students will continue protesting the rules until the bake sales return.

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