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College representatives visit Fairview

By Brian Lee in Student News

College representatives from all over the country have been visiting Fairview since September, and there will be more visiting Fairview until December.Seniors and juniors can be excused from class when a representative from a college that one wants to go to visits Fairview by checking in with you teacher. However, sophomores and freshmen cannot be excused and have to visit in their free periods if they desire to meet the college representatives.

When a college representative visits Fairview, they meet with small group of students that are interested in the college that they represent in the Post Grad Center. Some of the benefits of attending the visits are that a student can learn specifically more about a college’s academic programs, campus life, financial aid programs, and admission procedures. If the student has any more questions about the college, they can ask questions personally with the representative.

Each visit is about 40 minutes long, give or take 5 minutes for the amount of questions that the students have. If you are interested in a college, go to the website below in order to see if the representative of the college is coming to Fairview.

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