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Course selection draws near for BVSD students

By Sharone Goldman in Student News

Course selection for BVSD students is drawing nearer as the month of March approaches.

Over this next week, students are asked to carefully consider their course choices for the following year. After BVSD students get back from their extended weekend, teachers are going to sign off, and thus approve, all of the requested courses. Within the first few weeks of March, students will enter their desired courses into Infinite Campus. During registration for next year, they will receive a list of the classes they got into.

Though a yearly process, course selection is always an important time for students to reflect on their current academic year and think about the future. It is important for students to be aware of how many credits they completed, and what they still need in order to graduate. It is really helpful to talk to teachers and parents about advancing onto different level courses.

Some things to keep in mind are making sure you are taking enough electives and that you are challenging, though not overwhelming, yourself.

The counselors will be especially busy in the upcoming weeks but there are many resources that can help you plan the rest of your academic career in High School. A course description guide, Academic planning guide, four year plan guide, and further resources for making your decision regarding which courses should select both next year and for the future can be found on the counseling department’s website.

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