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Crowds, Clans, and Hangouts

By Savarone Ammann in Opinion & Politics

Another year of high school sparks another year of socializing with friends who were on a deficit throughout summer. However, where these friends meet and converse can play a large impact on the flow of students down the ramps, as well as traffic coming and going in the diverse intersections around the student center. Places such as the middle of the student center and pockets around lockers are a great place to meet friends while in a passing period. Some places like the center of a ramp or the top and bottom of stairs are not. As students hear the glorious sound of the bells ring they explode out of their chairs down the halls. As some attend to their lockers for supplies, many quest for friends in a chaotic, dense hallway filled with students. This is why many people have established regular meeting areas between passing periods. Meeting with friends is great, it helps release stress and energy that accumulates while sitting at a desk, but meeting where people need to walk is very frustrating. Next time meeting with friends pull them away from the center and into a corner by a locker or to the side in a triangle pocket in the ramps. Doing this will not anger upperclassmen, and will show lowerclassmen what to do. “Talk in the student center, hallways are for walking”, says Gabe Wham, junior. No one wants to be the friend who worries where to stand and not bother others in the short five minute passing periods, but if people just take a second to see where they are in the halls it makes everyone's lives easier. “Think about who is behind you in the hallway and who you could be affecting”, says Mike Mowen, teacher. This makes complete sense because stopping randomly causes collisions and annoyance. As another year starts students forget the simplistic idea of stepping to the side and making every ones lives a bit easier. Next time you are in the halls try to be aware and 2011 will have a great start.

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