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CU: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Jakob Olsen in Sports

A season of winning team requires that a team perform at high level consistently throughout the year. Then there’s the Buffs. We’ll start with what the Buffs have done well this season.  Although special teams have been a horrible thing for the Buffs so far this season, one spot has shined bright.  Will Oliver, the place kicker for CU, has made a name for himself.  He’s made 8/8 on field goals and has made 14/14 extra points.  The next Mason Crosby? Maybe. Another somewhat good thing for CU this year has been the passing attack that includes QB Tyler Hansen, and WR’s Paul Richardson and Toney Clemons.  So far Hansen has been somewhat efficient with the ball when he’s getting it to these two guys. To be honest, I think he’s luck he has Richardson and Clemons because they are making him look good.  So far Hansen has 1,325 yards passing on 173 attempts.  He also has accounted for 11 touchdown passes and just two interceptions on the year.  Richardson, the main receiver, has 474 yards total and 5 touchdown receptions. If the Buffs didn't have to kick off, run the ball, or play defense they could be ranked in the top ten this year.... too bad they have to do all of those things.

The Buffs came into the year expecting to have a solid rushing attack behind a line that was set up for some good things.  But with a line that has been depleted with injuries this aspect of CU’s game has disappeared.  Stewart has just 410 yards rushing on the season along with just 1 touchdown.  When your QB leads the team in rushing touchdowns like Hansen does, it usually isn’t a good thing unless you’re Cam Newton for Auburn last year. Enough said. Up until Saturday against Washington State the Buffs ranked in the bottom 100 teams in the country in terms of yards given up per game on kick offs and punts.  Let me explain: the Buff’s special teams coverages suck.  Ohio State is a perfect example.  If you look at the stats from that game you would say it should’ve been a close game, but that is not the case.  Ohio State started with the ball in plus territory almost every single time they had the ball because our stupid special teams couldn’t make a tackle.  Optimists say we might have had a chance in that game if we didn’t need to play special teams.  I might agree with them.

I wouldn’t expect too much out of this season folks. Cover your eyes people: it’s about to get ugly.

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