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Daddy's Home 2 Movie Review

By David Hirschhorn in Arts & Culture




Last weekend I went out to the movies with friends and saw “Daddy’s Home 2.” I didn’t expect much but was pleasantly surprised. If you love comedies, the star-studded cast, including Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, will give you plenty of laughs.


Director Sean Anders does a excellent job of incorporating humor that people of all ages can enjoy. This movie is the sequel to the first “Daddy’s Home,” so the plot builds off the first movie.


The families of Brad Whitaker, played by Ferrell, and Dusty Mayron, played by Wahlberg, drive to a remote cabin to spend the holidays together.


On this trip,Wahlberg and Ferrell are joined by their fathers. Ferrell’s father, played by John Lithgow, does a terrific job of playing a nerdy but loving father. On the other hand, Wahlberg’s dad is portrayed by Mel Gibson, who does a great job of coming across as a hilarious but devious dad.


One slightly confusing aspect of the movie about was the target audience of the film. The plotline suggests that the film is targeting young children, but some of the humor was definitely not child-appropriate. However, I loved the jokes that characters made, mostly the jokes by Gibson and Ferrell.


The star-studded cast delivered on another hilarious feel-good movie that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good laugh.

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