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Demographics: How do they vote?

By Maddie Stachniak in Student News

Currently, 53%  of men are voting for Mitt Romney while 54% of women are voting for Barack Obama.

Agewise, the younger demographics are left leaning, with 59% of people ages 18-29 voting for Obama. Contrastingly, 56% of voters 65 and over are voting for Romney.

It also seems that Obama will have the vast of the majority of the African American vote, with an overwhelming 93% in his favor. However, Mitt Romney has 59% of the white vote. Obama also has 69% of the Asian votee.

Obama also has 56% of moderate votes and 45% of the rigistered independent vote.

Mitt Romney has more votes when it comes to citizens with higher incomes. Romney has 54% of the vote among people making $100k or more while obama has 53% of the vote of voters making less than %100 k.

In addition, the most religious of voters are voting 60% Romney, while those that never go to church are voting 62% Obama.

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