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Destroying the World: One Snap at a Time

By Rachel Perley in Opinion & Politics

Snapchat, a trending app for iPhone and Android phones, is making our world more self-centered than ever. It allows you to take pictures of yourself and send them to your friends with short captions. The pictures then self destruct after about three seconds.

What’s the point of sending a picture of yourself to your friend who is sitting across the room from you? Does anyone else miss the good ol’ days when you had to pass a note to your friend if you wanted to talk to them in class? This app makes me somewhat embarrassed to be an Android user. Fortunately, it is entirely voluntary to download this app, so I don’t have to partake in this madness. Snapchat is a huge distraction for students in class, not to mention everyone sitting around them wondering why they are making strange faces at their phone in the middle of a lecture.

As expected, people take pictures of themselves making the strangest faces. “Snappers” must be under the impression that if they were to tell their friend that they were tired, their friend wouldn’t understand what that meant without the accompanying picture. So, why would anybody use the app?

Because there is nothing better than sending pictures of yourself in class to your friends who are sitting across the room. I bet that your friends sit there waiting breathlessly for you to snap them back, because they are so curious to see what you look like sitting in a desk or standing in front of your locker. Snapchat is the most conceited app I have ever seen my friends using. It is making students think more and more of themselves as the most important person in the world, which inevitably will cause the downfall of our country and possibly our world.

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