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Drug and Alchohol Usage During Social Events

By Arvand Aidun and Harrison Young in Student News


Photo Credit: Arvand Aidun

There are countless events held at Fairview, all of which give students an opportunity to either drink before or after them. Principal Don Stensrud talked about the Boulder vs Fairview rivalry football game, and about how some students are drunk or high at the games.

“The games now start at 5:30 to help in the prevention of students getting drunk or high before or during the game,” said Stensrud.

He said how the later game times gave students more time to get drunk or high before the game, and that led to many students getting ticketed and several going to the hospital.

“There are always people at the events that are gonna be drunk,” said sophomore Jaden Hoechstetter.

The new, earlier time for the Fairview vs Boulder football game has led to less students getting ticketed. According to Stensrud, there have been two students ticketed since the games were moved up to 5:30.

The school dances are held at late times and go on for hours. People get together with their friends and go to the dances together.

Freshman Jack Leddon said, “It is not really great that they are drunk, it would be better if they weren't.”

People's experiences at the dances have been affected because of the people in a high or drunk state of mind.

“I don't know of any rules, but even if there are rules I don't think they are working.” said Hoechstetter.

“I think no matter what people will get drunk, but I think if there were rules then some people would stop”said Hoechstetter.

It is a matter of prosperity and setting rules.

“No I haven't heard of the rules.”said Fairview freshman, Jack Leddon.

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