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Editor's Letter to Jay Bender

By The Royal Banner Co-Editors-in-Chief in Opinion & Politics

Dear Jay, 

First of all, we at the Royal Banner would like to thank you sincerely for your response.

We would like to stress that our website is the centerpiece of the Royal Banner News Organization, and is a conglomeration of all the content that we produce. Some of the alterations that aid this fundamental paradigm switch include changing the newsmag to a glossy magazine format and going from 24 to 16 pages.

To address some of your concerns:

Firstly, we found that printing on newsprint was an ineffective method of communicating to our audience--oftentimes it was hard to read and the picture quality was poor. Many credible news sources print on matte stock, and due to the stature of these publications we believe that a transition to a more visually appealing medium will not incite a loss of credibility.

Shortening the printed publication and shifting the focus to encompass more attractive visual and stylistic work allows the magazine to act as a showpiece instead of a centerpiece. Because our website is our news hub and includes all of the content that we publish, we can now allow our print publication to showcase the visual and creative aspects of journalism along with more in-depth pieces instead of relying on it to hold the entirety of our content.

This brings us to your next concern: that the Royal Banner is attempting to be a photo album. The Royal Banner News Organization is producing more quality, informative content now than we ever have before; the only difference is that our website is now the primary medium for providing this information. Especially in its new incarnation, our newsmag is the perfect way to print pictures and exciting visuals that not only interest our readers, but also tell their own stories.

Finally, we found that an appreciation of newsprint did not stop students from leaving the papers strewn all over the student center. We believe that students will respect a higher quality publication that has more visual and aesthetic appeal more than they would respect a paper on traditional newsprint.

The media industry is dramatically evolving at every level of the industry. Newspapers are struggling to sell print publications and are shifting farther to the web. Many schools in Colorado have eliminated a print publication entirely, but we believe that the printed publication of the Royal Banner is worth publishing. We are not, however, immune to the changing culture of media, and great consideration was put into all the actions we have taken to shift the focal point of the Royal Banner onto our website.

Thank you again for your feedback, and we hope this response adequately addressed your concerns.

Warm Regards,

The Royal Banner News Organization’s Editors-in-Chief

Alex Ray, Lucia Rose, David Sachs, and Maddie Stachniak

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