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Extravaganza Art Show

By Varun Narayanswamy in Arts & Culture

Fairview High School is well known for it’s prestigious art programs. Choir, band, orchestra, visual arts and film: Extravaganza is a show that exhibits each of these departments skills and practices.

Starting at seven o’clock, Extravaganza is a combination of all of the art departments here at Fairview. The main show takes place in the big gym and is three hours long. In this performance each band, choir and orchestra performs a few pieces, giving the crowd a sneak peek into what they will be working on this year. There are four bands that performed at this year’s extravaganza; Jazz I, II, and III and the Marching Knights. Classic Knights and the Classic Knights Chamber Orchestra represent the orchestra department at Fairview. Nine different choirs showed off their talents. They were Voice of the Knights (Women), Madrigals, Voice of the Knights (Men), Chivalry, Troubadours, Age of Guinevere, Enchantment, Festival Choir, and Excalibur. Finally, the cast of the musical provides the crowd with a preview of their upcoming show, which includes a song and dance number. Outside, refreshments are sold, art pieces are auctioned off, and film presents their works in the auditorium.

With a total of 33 different songs, a multitude of types of art, and huge collection of amazing films, Extravaganza is one of the best shows put on by Fairview. If you ever wanted to see the true musical talent of Fairview, Extravaganza would be the show to see.

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