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FACE Performs at FHS

By Laura Brack in Arts & Culture

On the night of FACE’s concert at Fairview, January 9th, the school was packed to the brim. The line extended far into the hallway, and when the doors did open, finding decent seating was nearly impossible. Everyone waiting in line to get in was excited. So was I; I wanted an excuse to go to the concert anyways, and by the time it was over, I knew exactly how to start this review.


The concert was awesome.


Age of Guinevere had the unenviable task of opening the show, but the night only got better from there. FACE showed great versatility throughout the concert. There was no song that wasn’t enjoyable, and there was something for everyone: classics (House Of The Rising Sun), more recent songs (a 2013/2014 pop medley that managed to make both One Direction and Frozen listenable), and country (Boondocks, which closed the show). No matter what song got covered, it was done with skill.


FACE’s original songs were also enjoyable, and catchy enough to stay in  your head for days. How Was The Show, the title track of FACE’s most recent album, induced dramatic lip-syncing from everyone who knew it; The (Hu)man Dance more than accomplished its goal of making humans dance. The vocal drum solo ¾ of the way through the concert was amazing; singing and beatboxing at the same time is no easy feat.


It’s lucky that FACE is local band, because I plan on seeing FACE again this year as many times as I can. If you’re not familiar with FACE, you should start acquainting yourself with them. It is worth your time to look them up.

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