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Faces of Fairview #3: MIT Launch Entrepreneurship Club

By Emma O'Leary in Student News


Sophomores Anudeep Golla, Sophie Reeves, Kendall Brogle, and Barclay Shove are the presidents of the MIT Launch Entrepreneurship club, a MIT-sponsored club which is new to Fairview this year.

The club is one of over 500, and Golla submitted an application in order to establish the club at Fairview. According to MIT Launch, their acceptance rate has ranged from 10%-20% in years past.

The theme for this year’s MIT Launch Entrepreneurship program is environmental sustainability, according to the presidents.  

The club is divided into five groups, and each group comes up with the a new business idea related to the theme.

Since it is early in the year, the groups’ ideas are not finalized.

However, Golla’s group is contemplating creating a calendar-type app that people can use to keep track of their environmental impact.

Brogle’s group is thinking about creating a business to reduce the environmental impact companies have due to printing and the ink that they use.

According to Reeves, the hardest part of the club so far was selecting the students to become members of the club.

Because it is the club’s first year at Fairview, there can only be a certain number of students, but the four presidents received 64 applications and could only select 30 participants.

The presidents agree that much of the Club’s appeal stems from the fact that they have the opportunity to create a real business, not a mock business.

According to the club presidents, local businesses have expressed an interest in helping the club members as they develop their start-ups.

According to the presidents, next year the club can welcome more students to participate in the opportunity to develop a real start-up and explore their interests as entrepreneurs.

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