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Fairview, Monarch Students Peaceably Discuss Rivalry on Social Media

By Ben Gelderloos in Humor


Before Tuesday’s large game, students from both Fairview High School and Monarch High School engaged in a pleasant discussion on their schools’ rivalry on a Facebook group page. “It all started when we started talking about how we both thoroughly enjoy our experiences at each school,” said Fairview Senior Hank Morris, “and then we transitioned to investigating the extent of our rivalry.” The Facebook group, which was originally started to create hype and encourage attendance for the upcoming game between the two schools, has transitioned to something quite different. “I mean I wish that we could discuss how excited we were to attend the game,” Morris continued, “but bonding together with our fellow students is much better.” James McKnown of Monarch has enjoyed the progression of the discussion to Ultimate Frisbee teams. “I’m glad that everybody at both schools can agree that Ultimate Frisbee is a respectable sport,” he said, “and that is above the grounds of insults.” The discussion has also been noted as being incredibly supportive of feminist causes and acknowledged in a post with 200 likes that, “all people, male or female should be able to participate in our scholarly discussion.” Students from both schools have participated in the group discussion and report that their self esteem and respect of the other school have greatly increased. “I opened up the event page on my phone with the full intention of roasting some Monarch kids and gutting any pride they had for their school, but the pleasant discussion I encountered was just as pleasing,” Fairview junior Toby Bresbee said. The discussion in the posts and the comments section included compliments on the merits of each school and a dissection of how foolish it is that each school holds static prejudices against the other. “I sure love complimenting our rivals. It really brings me happiness to acknowledge the virtue of Monarch,” said Hank Morris, who had just recently published an additional post praising the character of Monarch students’ moms and actions of the women of Monarch.

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