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Fairview's Art Club makes the Castle more attractive

By Sharone Goldman in Student News

What's better than reverting back to childhood and painting walls, especially after school? Fairview’s Art Club does just that. The Art Club paints murals around the school. Right now, the ones that students are probably most familiar with are the murals in the 600 hall that represent each continent. The Asia mural is just about finished. Now, Art Club members are focused on completing the Europe wall. The Art Club meets every Friday after school, in front of the Asia mural. Members can stay for as long as they want, and contribute in any way they can. Be it sketching out intricate designs on the walls, painting oceans, or detailing famous continental landmarks, those who participate can really add to the mural in unique ways. Jennifer Anderson, senior, is the head of the Art Club this year. She answered some questions about what the Art Club is all about. “You get to leave a mark on Fairview,” she said. “It makes Fairview look prettier. And in a few years, once you’ve graduated, students will see the murals you helped make.” There are also other perks to being on the art club, besides being a great way to make Fairview more attractive and bright. You can talk with your friends, listen to music, and often get snacks. “Pizza will be supplied once every quarter,” said Anderson. There is also no need for any artistic talent; anyone can be a part of the club. “You can just show up, draw, paint, or contribute in whatever way. All you have to do is come,” she added. So, whether you are just looking to ‘brush up’ on your painting skills, meet new people, or simply want a fun way to spend Friday afternoons, be sure to check out Fairview’s Art Club. Questions should be referred to

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