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Fairview's Own Social Media Guru

By Maya Jayachandra in Humor

Janey Holland, a Fairview student with a whopping total of 38 Twitter followers and a particularly impressive vocabulary, has to be one of the most unique users of social networking the world has ever seen.

With her stunningly different tweets and her… well, that's it, really, she doesn't do much else -- Holland conveys poetic gems of wisdom daily. Often she tweets cryptic statements such as:

Some people may see this tweet as pointless, as it doesn't identify a person and completely overlooks the whole "tweeting at someone" thing Twitter was built on. However, they would be missing the point. Holland's striking, poetic words can be interpreted however the reader wants, which creates a four-word metaphor of a statement. Being as incredibly diverse as she is, Holland is also appreciative of Starbucks coffee. Earlier this month she celebrated October with their famous fall beverage. Ask yourselves where we would be had she not shared this tweet with us:

Her abundant use of hashtags that have hardly anything to do with the tweet's content are exactly what hashtags were meant for. The idea that tags are to index your tweets is an old-fashioned one. Another style of tweet Holland employs to convey her wisdom is through song lyrics. She appreciates the dulcet tones and mysterious, layered words of Taylor Swift.

Is Holland simply stating her enjoyment of the song? Is she noting that the song bears strange resemblance to her life? Is she perhaps being ironic? We may never know. However it is clear that without her remarkable tweeting habits that keep us all sane, the world would fall into chaos. Unfortunately we could not reach Holland for comment, as she was so wrapped up in tweeting and refused to take a break to talk to us.

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