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Fairview Senior Facebook Page Explodes in a Second-Semester Flame War

By Eamonn Morris and Eliana Goldstein in Student News

At approximately 9pm on Monday, January 14th, the closed Facebook group for graduating Fairview seniors exploded. Though the thread started out as a discussion about attention material from the page garnered on Reddit, it quickly turned into a wild free-for-all.

Senior Tom Fratkin started a mild fracas after his comments created some negative response. However, he sees it as overall a positive step for the senior class.

“It is a bonding experience,” said Fratkin. “Never have I witnessed such excitement and adrenaline than tonight! And I want it to be known, that I will only stop when everyone has stopped.”

Meanwhile, Senior Alex Newhouse unearthed the original reddit poster, senior Peter Zachwieja, but decided not to voice dissent, as the post already had over 1600 upvotes. Once Fratkin started posting the thread exploded, with Newhouse in the middle of it attempting to maintain a semblance of order. Before long he became just another voice in the maelstrom, criticising Fratkin’s posts as they arose.

“No one escapes chaos,” Newhouse said.

Other seniors spammed the page with ASCII art from what they called a “secret area of VIP QUALITY,” while Eric Budd, whose birthday fell today, thanked the class for the “birthday present.”

As with any internet thread, as the comments accumulated the conversation drifted towards politics (“OBMA (sic) IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER”) and general tomfoolery. By the time of this writing, the thread had well over 350 comments.

Before checking out, Newhouse wondered, "I am a comedian on Facebook. Can I start a business around this newfound talent?"

Though this saga may be seen as a bizarre release of pent up energy and hostility, most seniors seem to be looking at it as a chance to come closer to each other. Either way, as Senior Jesse Merheb said, “#yolo.”

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