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Fairview students struggle to balance academics and sports

By Caitlin Laber in Student News

With the start of this academic year, Fairview High School students attempt to manage a heavy academic workload with participation in sports. With so many sports and a high ranking in academics, one Fairview High School student finds the pressure affecting her. “Fairview is a tough school, and they expect a lot out of you, both in academics and on the field.” said Jayden Slater, who participates in both softball and swimming for Fairview. Fairview is ranked the 3rd best high school in Colorado, according to Newsweek Magazine. As stated on Fairview’s website, Fairview is a 5A high school that offers twenty sports total for both girls and boys. Fairview’s cross country, boys basketball and girls swimming have all been consistently involved in state championships. Coaches tell their athletes that they are are all responsible for talking to their teachers about what they missed, after being gone for a sporting event. Fairview has a rule that states that if students have more than one F, they are ineligible to play for a week. “Even though I have 3 hours of homework a night, I am motivated to get it done because the last thing I want is to become ineligible to play, even if it means a  lot of late nights.” said Slater. Students are feeling the stress of needing to complete many hours of homework with the little time they have left in the day due to sports practices and games.Kelsey Leeburg, a competitive dancer and a participant in the IB program, said, “Its hard because after I get home from practice, it’s late and I’m tired and I don’t always complete my homework to the best of my ability.”

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