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Falling For Fall: A Poetic Op-Ed

By Kimberly Brown in Opinion & Politics

A List of Reasons Why Fall is the Best of the Seasons

  1. Leaves! (Orange you glad the leaves are changing colors?)

With the sky dull and gray and the temperature dreary, yellows and reds will make you feel cheery When you’re happily stuffed with pumpkin pie munches You’ll jump in a pile and hear how it crunches!

  1. Drinks!

Steaming hot tea, coffee, and whip Bring warmth to your noses, fingers, and lips Keep you warm as you walk through the breezes and gusts of wind so cold the ground freezes They fill up your tummy and make you feel cozy From the socks on your toesies to your rosy, red nosies!

  1. Food!

Pumpkins and pudding and perfect snowflakes Soup and syrup and freshly baked cakes Melted and frozen and caramelly gum Chocolate and stuffing just make you say yummm!

  1. Clothes!

Cooling air and gray skies are chilly Dressing in shorts will make you look silly On cooler days, it’s nice to have mittens You’ll think you’re wearing a bundle of kittens Sweaters and jackets keep you from freezing Scarves and socks stop the sneezing Ponchos can hide you from rolls of thunder Boots and socks are part of the wonder Knitting a hat is just so much fun, you’ll forget you’ve been missing the rays of the sun But its not winter yet, you can still wear a dress On special warm days, like a mid autumn fest!


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