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Fantasy Football Trends at Fairview

By Harrison Young in Student News

Whether you support Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, fantasy football is an established trend across Fairview.


“Some people are football fans, but others just want to participate,” said Lefebvre.


For those students who do not understand what fantasy football is, it is a interactive web based game where players will “draft” their favorite players from various teams to compete in their own “fantasy” team. These teams and specific players score a team a certain amount of points for a certain league. A rushing touchdown may get a player 6 points, while every 10 receiving yards or rushing yards gets your team one point, and so on. However, every league has different scoring.


At the moment, there are multiple leagues in Fairview, along with one specific staff league with players such as Jim Lefebvre, one of the librarians at Fairview.


“I’m pretty dominant,” Lefebvre said, “The proof is in the pudding.”


Picking your favorite players is always fun, and hoping they play well is exciting, but is that the best way to win a fantasy league? Actually, it’s about picking and playing the best player available, not just picking your favorite players.


“I subscribe to two different fantasy football informational sites,” Lefebvre said. Some subscriptions to fantasy football informational sites can be upwards of $30 a season.


People will select players from teams across the country, from Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos to Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.


“You ending up finding yourself wanting to root against your favorite team,” Lefebvre said. If you have a player from the other side, you kind of need to root for them.”


Fantasy Football can be quick, easy, and always a good time.

“Sometimes it’s nice to have something else to do on the side. Aside from going home and grading papers,” Lefebvre said. It’s a perfect pastime for any football fan, or anyone looking for some friendly competition during the winter.

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