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Fashion Tip Of The Week: Black Pants And Gel Nail Polish

By Caroline Kruger and Alex Flynn in Student News

Waking up in the morning not knowing what to wear will ruin a potentially amazing day. Having a couple trendy outfits that are always accessible will make a morning routine faster and more enjoyable.

A simple black pair of pants will spice up a casual outfit and will compliment a more formal look as well. Everyone needs a black pair of pants in her wardrobe because it will match any desired look. BUT make sure not to wear too much black, as it will drown your face and add bleakness to your day.

A black shirt with black pants is acceptable under certain circumstances. Adding a colored scarf or detailed (non-black) boots will spunk up a normally bland outfit.

Additionally, gel nail polish is the new trend of the season. Ever gotten a manicure that chips off the very next day? It is quite frustrating, however, we have answers. Gel nail polish is the new breakthrough in the "nail-world." Gel nail polish is a type of shellack that will stay without chipping for a guaranteed ten days.

The gel nail polish takes a bit longer to get done, however, the end result is much better, as it nourishes the nail follicles to help grow.

Add these two current trends together and you will be ready to go! With the compliment of the two, your significant other will be all over you!

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