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FC Crunk Takes Over Fairview

By Varun Narayanswamy in Arts & Culture

Nothing good on TV? Need a new good show? Well, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. FC Crunk is a indoor soccer team created by students at your very own Fairview High. They have documented their journey on the Youtube channel "mynameisguy." One catch: none of them play soccer. The team consists of Guy Margalit, Will Wells, Kevin Best, Sam Nieb, Rohith Chintalupalot/Chintamoscopy/Chintapalooza, Adam Grushan, Alastair Crowe, Girish Narayanswamy, and Sam Nieb. This show is full of everything you need. Friendship, drama, rivalry, romance and very little soccer. It’s eight minutes of awesomeness. Fairview students have grown very attached to the these videos. From a poll of students taken in the library during 7th period, it is shown that not a single person who watched the video thought it sucked. Every single person who watched it loved it. These weren’t only Fairview kids. The first episode, which was posted on January 26th of this year, has about 2,500 views and the second episode, posted on February 3rd, has about 1,000 views. Even though the video is already famous, that doesn’t mean you shouldn't watch it. If you haven’t seen the videos, they are hilarious and fun; everyone will love them no matter what. Every person who is a fan now has one dream... to join an FC Crunk video. But, alas, FC Crunk is an elite group only for the best players. Not just anyone can join. Every person should go home and watch FC Crunk. Even if you’ve already seen it it’s always a good laugh. It is funny, it is new and it is related to every Fairview student. It’s FC Crunk.

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