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Feel the Bern

By Michal Olesiak in Opinion & Politics


Bernie Sanders at a town meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

There wasn't a cloud in sight as the sun beat down on the 10,000 people crowded into Potts Field at CU on Saturday the 10th. At two o'clock, the crowd grew restless with the chanting of "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie," or "Feel the Bern." Finally as a roar of cheering and clapping overtook the field, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took the stage.

The field was packed for the rally, and people were still showing up as the Senator started to talk. The speech itself was authentic Bernie, with emphasis on income inequality and big money in politics. With his usage of informal diction and directly addressing the people, Sanders got a roar of cheering and clapping after every sentence.

Sanders discussed the rising price for medical drugs and recent school shooting in Oregon, and proposed some direct solutions such as ending the gun show loophole. Sanders also addressed the issues of mental health, immigration, college tuition, and everything else the Senator is known for, but quickly went from one topic to the next.

Towards the end, the speech became a list of things Sanders wants to fix without proposing too many concrete solutions, but the rally was still a success. It wasn’t about informing the people about Bernie, but getting Boulder to “Feel the Bern”. The main attenders of the rally already knew, and most likely supported Bernie, and were there to join in on the cheering.

Hearing him speak in person might not have been worth the time I spent waiting in the sun. It wasn’t magical or a spiritual journey and hearing him list things that I’ve already read about him didn’t help, but being there and standing in the crowd felt like I was a part of something larger. After getting home and seeing the sunburn I had gotten, I realized that I didn’t just “Feel the Bern” but I lived it too.

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