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“Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, it’s Bobsled Time!”

By Ethan Kennedy in Sports

Jamaica has once again made the Olympics. However, not for what one would think. Jamaica is going to the Winter Olympics for the bobsled. The last time Jamaica made the Winter Olympics for bobsled was in 2002 but they gained fame in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Despite the teams 30th place finish for the two-man sled and their crash on the third run for the four man sled, causing a last place finish, the team still inspired the 1993 movie “Cool Runnings.” The Olympics did not start off well for our tropical heroes. The team did not have enough money to travel to Sochi, but they would not be stuck on the beach while there were medals to won. The campaign to get them to Sochi started on Reddit. However, they did not deal in real money, they used the new online currency Dogecoin, based on the popular internet meme, Doge. They raised $30,000 worth of Dogecoin, and over $170,000 was raised for the team. Before the Jamaicans hit the ice, another mishap struck the Bobsledders. The team’s equipment did not land with them in Sochi. For the first day of practice, the team had to borrow equipment from other teams. Finally, the team’s equipment was returned to them just in time for competition. Two-man Bobsleigh competitions start on Sunday the 16th for the preliminary rounds. Competition ends on Monday the 17th for the Jamaicans. The Women’s Bobsleigh and the Four-Man Bobsleigh come later in the week. As Sanka Coffie said in “Cool Runnings,” “Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s bobsled time!”

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