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Five Worst Promposal Ideas

By Owyn Cooper in Humor

The smell of prom is in the air. Or the smell of people sweating nervously in anticipation/fear of asking their beloved to prom. Either way, it’s in the air. Your pores have no fear, for I have devised a list of ways you should avoiding asking your potential date to prom.

  1. A fuzzy animal with a sign around its neck saying “Prom?” Why it’s bad: Under normal circumstances, a tiny animal like a puppy or kitty would probably be one of the best ways to ask someone to prom: it’s simple, cute, and darn near impossible to say no to. But you have two situations to consider: One, your date could have deathly allergies of your furry friend and you could get sneezed on. Two, you decided a rat/raccoon/mountain lion is an original way to do it. Don’t do it.
  2. Cardboard cutout of a celebrity with “prom?” either written or taped on it? Why it’s bad: There’s no way you can compete with a celebrity who has a cutout let’s be real.
  3. Lots of candles spelling “Prom?” or “(Your beloved’s name) will you go to prom with me?” Why it’s bad: It’s a fire hazard. What if your date swoons and they pass out in the flames? Hahahaha! Actually, it’s more likely that you’ll be shoved in disgust or horror and you will end up in flames. And you should try to avoid that option.
  4. Carved in ice Why it’s bad: Prom is typically in the Spring and (hopefully, hopefully, HOPEFULLY) the weather will be considerably warmer than it could be. And that means that your beautifully or terribly sculpted promposal will melt. Just like your chances with your beloved.
  5. Posting it on the Facebook Why it’s bad: Your relationship and its inevitable drama will probably end up on Facebook anyway, but it’s still a bad way to start out your relationship. Save that for later. And think of something actually good for your proposal.

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