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Food for Thought: Students Learn about Cultural Traditions

By Elise Maclean and Kimberly Brown in Student News

On Wednesday, PIB Chinese students made moon cakes to celebrate the Chinese mid autumn festival that took place on Sunday. They prepared the cultural dishes while practicing vocabulary words and learning about traditional chinese customs. “It’s interesting and a unique activity,” said Gabe Merryman, sophomore. He, as well as other students, enjoyed a break from the typical classroom lessons, to celebrate festive cultural holidays. “It gives them a hands on experience with the culture” said teacher, Susan Wang. She is a Fairview High School alum and was on the staff of both the Royal Banner and Lance yearbook. Senior Tom Frankin who was on oven crew said that “she’s having us use Chinese.” Other classes also used this method of teaching. In Spanish classes, students made salsa and translated the recipe from Spanish to English.

The activity brought culture into the learning classroom and respected the history and honor of China in this Autumn season.

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