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Four star athletes sign letters of intent

By Caroline Kruger in Sports

It is now official. Four of our star athletes, Kendall LaVine, Nicole Edelman, Emma Lazaroff and Kourtney Fosse signed their letters of intent during block lunch today (November 9). There is more than one signing day, but today was the day for girls volleyball, swimming, lacrosse and others.

Kendall LaVine, who has started on Varsity volleyball for two years, committed to West Virginia University. After being offered many Division 1 scholarships, LaVine narrowed it down to two schools, West Point and West Virginia. LaVine knew that West Virginia was the right school for her.

"After going to the official at West Virginia," said LaVine, "I knew I wanted to go there because I could see myself there over West Point."

Nicole Edelman, another volleyball player, committed to The University of Colorado-Boulder. Edelman, who has received much recognition in the past, chose CU-Boulder because she wants to stay close to home.

"When I was little," said Edelman, "I would always go to the CU volleyball games with my family and I always wanted to be one of them and play for a team that I have grown up with my whole life."

Being so close to home, locals will be able to watch Edelman as she moves on with her volleyball career.

Another star athlete, Emma Lazaroff, committed to Duke University for lacrosse. Although Lazaroff made her decision last year, it was still exciting to make it official. Lazaroff has been recognized with many awards the past couple years and holds the record in the state for the highest scorer.

"I have always wanted to go to Duke," said Lazaroff, "and I am very excited for what is coming up."

Lazaroff will move on and bring her skills to Duke to impress the Carolina crowd.

Last but not least, the "All American Swimmer of the Year" Kourtney Fosse, signed her letter of intent to The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although this decision was quite tough for her, she is very happy with her final choice.

"I was in between two schools for a while," said Fosse, "but I know I made the right decision on Wisconsin."

Fosse made this difficult decision between Cal Poly and Wisconsin in the last couple of days.

These four inspiring athletes will continue their journey as they enter the college world. These four Division 1 schools will be honored to have LaVine, Edelman, Lazaroff and Fosse on their teams.

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