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Free People Clothing Boutique

By Kali Crossen and Alex Flynn in Arts & Culture

Girls throughout the Boulder area enthusiastically awaited the arrival of the Free People store on Pearl Street. The store opened on Friday, January 27Th, replacing Powells’ candy store. The new store was instantly popular because of how fast word was spread about it’s move from Cherry Creek to its current location. Although Free People releases new styles frequently, it is common to be matching with somebody else your age. Free People’s bohemian style correlates with the hippie vibe of Boulder and is one of the reasons for its popularity. All of their clothing items are intricately detailed and made of various high quality fabrics. The price of the clothing line may discourage some from purchasing the brand. However, splurging on Free People is overall worthwhile because the material of the clothing won’t wear out. Wearing the same Free People shirt over and over again isn't frowned upon. After the store opening there were many complaints about its size. Few items are offered at the Pearl Street location and places like Macy's that sell the brand may have a better selection. Macy's also often has sales with up to 80% off of Free People clothing. If you don’t mind the small size of the new store an assortment of sales items are located in the back of the store as well. The Free People store on Pearl Street has proven to be a hit amongst most high school and college girls. Thee style has been surprisingly influential on other clothing brands and most girls in Boulder model their wardrobe off of their catalogs. Save up and go to Free People today! You may fall in love like the rest of the city... If you haven’t already.

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